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The DAPP Network sits on top of base-layer protocols and is the first universal middleware. It comprised of DAPP Service Providers (DSPs), developers and users committed to scaling the blockchain. DSPs power the heart of the DAPP Network, providing critical services to developers building decentralized applications (dApps). They create service packages which they then offer to developers in a free market. dApp developers access a specific service package by staking a sufficient amount of DAPP tokens as per the Service Agreement set out by the DSP. LiquidApps’ entire range of services runs on the DAPP Network. Furthermore, developers are not limited to the services provided by LiquidApps alone. Anyone can create their own service that utilizes DSPs on the network, with sections of the community already developing powerful services on their own.




The DAPP Network Overview

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Hackathon Week Ask Me Anything (AMA) Session with Galia Benartzi

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Universal Decentralized Software Framework" – LiquidStorage, LiquidHarmony, LiquidSQL

vCPU, Parallel Computation, DAPP Hackathon, LiquidX, AI and more with LiquidApps CTO - Tal Muskal

Developer Spotlight: Tal Muskal - LiquidApps CTO

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LiquidApps is optimizing development on the blockchain by empowering developers with a suite of powerful services that run on the DAPP Network, allowing teams to accelerate towards their development milestones and deliver working products that solve real problems for their users. The DAPP Network sits on top of base-layer protocols and is the first middleware that is used across multiple blockchains. Services from the LiquidApps suite can be seamlessly integrated with one another to enable Immortal decentralized applications (dApps) - dApps that are end-to-end decentralized and thus unhackable. In a recent example, the company released a real-world Chess dApp that harnesses numerous LiquidApps services, including a service providing decentralized processing power that is exponentially quicker, cheaper and horizontally scalable, unlike current base-layer blockchains capabilities. LiquidApps’ service infrastructure could enable decentralized data storage, including rich media files and large-scale databases.

Some of the most popular dApps, from social media to peer-to-peer messaging to AI, have integrated LiquidApps technologies to help scale their capabilities and grow their user base like never before. Moonlighting, a freelancer platform with 750,000 users, recently harnessed LiquidApps’ alternative and affordable memory solution to onboard their user base onto the EOS blockchain at 0.5% of the cost relative to the traditional EOS costs model. By using LiquidApps’ affordable memory solution, Moonlighting was able to reduce their costs from $2000 to $10 a day, without compromising on decentralization. This represents one of the first instances of a large-scale business successfully decentralizing its components of their application, setting the stage for other enterprises to join and utilize the DAPP Network.

LiquidApps’ vision is to allow every application and service that should be decentralized to become so. This will be achieved by providing developers and organizations with the right tools and SDKs to make that happen via connecting them to the DAPP Network – a universal middleware solution that aggregates all the necessary services for building scalable blockchain applications.

LiquidApps released a powerful suite of services comprising the first (and only) blockchain middleware solution, connecting between the application layer and the blockchain layer, and is designed to be used across multiple blockchains. LiquidApps’ products and services are offered by more than 20 service providers (DSPs) distributed globally. The DAPP services include, among others:

  • LiquidLink - the first two-way cross-blockchain communication network
  • LiquidOracles - decentralized and trustless web oracles
  • LiquidAccounts - seamless and free end-user onboarding
  • vRAM - decentralized and affordable on-chain memory
  • vCPU - access to cheap, powerful computation
  • LiquidScheduler - task scheduler and automated task services LiquidDNS - designed to prevent DNS hijacking

LiquidApps also created the Zeus SDK, a dedicated blockchain software development kit with a Truffle-like interface and with DAPP Network services available for integration.

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